Top Benefits of Wiring a Shed That Will Blow Your Mind

I love it when a plan comes together! Pete & Dale Menzies engaged in Opto Electrical when they decided to have their sheds built on their property in Kallangur. Opto Electrical pointed out the Benefits of Wiring a Shed to the couple and it made perfect sense to them.

Example and Opto Electrical Client Testimonial:

Optimizing the Benefits of Wiring a Shed

Have a comprehensive consultation with your reliable electrician.

  • Opto Electrical had a comprehensive consultation with the couple to find out exactly what they were planning to do in their sheds and how they were going to utilize the spaces.
  • After the consultation, Diederik from Opto Electrical designed the electrical layout and did the lighting design as well.
  • Diederik made provisions for future electrical needs like party lights and temporary garden lights.
Dale Menzies told her short story regarding their new sheds below:

     “Our He-Shed & She-Shed

Our twin garden sheds provide storage and functional uses with the electrical services provided by Opto Electrical.

 The He-Shed is a very practical space, thanks to Opto Electrical. 

Multiple power points provide for the charging of the electric garden tools as well as interior and exterior security lighting.

An electric pump runs the water supply for Vegetable and Ornamental gardens from the water tank.

Party Lights connected by Opto Electrical

Party lighting can also be easily connected to light up our newly designed garden. And for our special occasion, it was very convenient to draw electricity from the shed’s power source.

The She-Shed is my creative space, come studio and where a workbench supplied with power points and effective lighting for stained glass art or other creative pursuits.

We were very grateful for the input Diederik Lacquet provided and all the Electrical Services that Opto Electrical delivered, was outstanding.”

Benefits of wiring a shed
The Benefits of Wiring a Shed will blow your mind

Want to reap the Benefits of Wiring a Shed?

Whether you’re building a new shed or renovate an older building to convert it into a practical shed, you need to determine what you want to do in the shed. Just like Dale and Pete did.

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Once you’ve decided how you want to utilize the space in your shed, it will make sense to design the electrical layout accordingly.

But remember, it’s important that the lighting design for your shed should also be done according to the activities that you plan to do in your shed. (And all Electrical Installations should be done according to the latest Electrical Standards.)

Especially if you’re going to spend a lot of time in your shed with one of your hobbies or working on projects for an income.

After all, you want to make sure that the light is enough to see properly and not putting strain on your eyes.

But if you’re only going to store stuff like plant pots and garden tools, you may not need task lights. You may only need something basic just to give you enough light to find your stuff safely that is stored in the shed. For this, you may easily get away with solar lights or battery-powered lights.

But, if you intend to use the shed to work on your hobbies or even as a full workshop, it’s another story. Then you’ll want to make the most of the space available. Having the correct electrical layout will help you to work safely and comfortably without the need for any extension cords.

The Hazards of Using Extention Cords

Some people may find an extension cord to be handy. However, there can be certain hazards involved like:

  • It can be a trip hazard
  • Something heavy or sharp can fall on it and it may get damaged, which can cause a shock hazard.
  • In the long run, it can start to twist.
  • Excessive and incorrect handling may cause internal damage to the cable and make it unsafe for use.

Effective Power Solutions For Your Shed

Once you have your workspace properly set up, you’ll soon realise how easy your life can be in your new shed.

We specialize in providing effective power solutions for new and existing sheds or workshops with Electrical Safety in mind. Not only that, but we’ll make sure that your shed offers comfortable lighting solutions as well. And we can even provide the correct power solution for your warehouse.

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