Modern Lighting Ideas from Opto Electrical

By using Modern Lighting Ideas for your Home from Opto Electrical, will not only open your mind to the different ways to use Modern Lighting. It may give you ideas on how to save on your electricity bill as well.


Residential Lighting Design
Residential Lighting Design


You can implement Modern Lighting Ideas even for a building renovation. If a building is old, it may actually be a great idea to use Modern Lighting Ideas, rather than following the old trends.

Lighting in layers

  • Ambient or general lighting provides light throughout the room
  • Task lighting adds extra light to areas where chores and activities get done
  • Accent or decorative lighting ads interest to the décor / architecture

Pendant Lighting        

Pendant Lighting is great for creating a specific style and illumination. In Kitchens, Pendant Lighting is usually used for specific tasks, like at the breakfast table or kitchen island.


But in your living room, Pendant Lighting has normally been used as an accent or decorative lighting. And a good idea is to use a dimmer in the living room, for times when you need to create a softer light.


In bedrooms, Pendant Lighting can be very versatile and can be used, either for general illumination or for mood lighting with a dimmer switch.


For entrance halls, Pendant Lighting makes an ever-lasting first impression on those who pass through.

Adding a Dimmer Light Switch

A Dimmer Light Switch provides versatility. A Dimmer Light Switch can transform any room from a functional room/area to a soft entertaining room/area. And any light switch can be replaced with a Dimmer Light Switch. When you are installing LED lights, your Dimmer Light Switch can save you electricity.

The use of a Remote Lights Switch

The use of a Remote Light Switch is especially beneficial when you want to add extra lights to your house and don’t want the walls to be damaged. But in some cases, it’s not possible to add Electrical Wiring to the existing walls for a renovation. And this is when the two-way switching comes in very handy.


A Remote Light Switch will be perfect when you want two-way switching for upstairs and downstairs. And any type of light fitting can work with a Remote Light Switch.

Vanity lighting        

It is very important to focus your lighting efforts around the mirror/vanity. Above the mirror and along the side will remove all shadows for perfect lighting on your face.

Soft LED strip lighting could be added underneath the vanity cupboard or shower recess in order to create a specific mood and is perfect for a night light.

LED Kitchen Lighting      

Good general lighting works well in most kitchens, but task lighting is brilliant for chores, preparation, and cleaning activities.


LED Kitchen Lighting may be a great option since the lights in the kitchen are used a lot.  And using LED Kitchen Lighting will save Electricity.


Under counter LED strip lighting ads some emotion and softness to your kitchen or it can fully illuminate your work surfaces.

Dining areas    

Should you have long tables, go linear with your lighting. Should you have round tables, go round, or for a chandelier. Should you have square tables, go square or rectangular.


Should you want to go for Pendant Lighting, make sure that it is installed at the correct height. Your safety is most important. Opto Electrical will advise you on the correct hights, 

And remember that a  Dimmer Light Switch is essential for your dining area to change the atmosphere.


First impressions are lasting. You want to create a welcoming atmosphere for when your guests arrive. The correct use of Pendant Lighting will create just that, while some wall lighting will add additional space enhancement.

Ceiling Fans

You may think that ceiling fans are old-fashioned, yet they still add some flair and enhance room comfort in winter and summer.


There are even ceiling fans with Bluetooth speaker options available these days. The modern fans are fitted with lights and with a Remote Light Switch, and you don’t have to have new wires installed inside the walls.

Outside Lighting      

When you use Outside Lights effectively, a soft welcoming light, leading the way towards the entrance of your home can be very enchanting. It will give a welcoming feel to your guests and they’ll love you for it.


Step lighting will not only add some safety for you and your guests, but it will create the desired ambiance as well.


The correct use of Outside Lighting in the garden, will bring your garden to life at night. But careful consideration must be taken while choosing your Outdoor Lights when trees, shrubs, and water features are being accentuated. You want the outdoor lights to create a harmonious atmosphere in your garden, not kill the whole look and feel of your garden.

Security Lighting

Don’t forget security lighting and the way that these lights are switched on and controlled. It is important to consult a professional when it comes to Security Lighting.


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