Testing and Tagging

The type of work that’s being performed with specific Electrical Equipment, will determine how often Electrical Testing and Tagging need to be done. And Opto Electrical can help with all the Electrical Testing and Tagging that need to be done in your business.

There are even mandatory test and tag intervals for various industries.

Opto Electrical will visit your business to do the testing and tagging of your Electrical Appliances or any of your Electrical Equipment.

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Compliance Testing Services

Testing and tagging mostly relates to the following equipment:

  • Class 1 Electrical Equipment – like Refrigerators, kettles, irons, toasters, etc.
  • Class 2 Electrical Equipment – like most plastic Power tools, computers, photo copiers, etc.
  • Portable RCD (safety switches)
  • Extension cords
  • 3 phase portable equipment. 

Residential smoke detector testing:

  • Annual inspections with battery replacement if needed

Exit and Emergency Lighting:

  • Testing of exit and emergency lighting circuits
  • Testing of exit and emergency fixtures

Typical colour coding tags used in all states:

  • Red- Dec to Feb
  • Green- March to May
  • Blue- June to Aug
  • Yellow- Sept to Nov
  • Orange- 6 monthly Jan
  • White- 6 monthly July
  • Black – Yearly
  • Burgundy- 5 yearly
  • Grey- 2 yearly                                                                   

General Information Around Test And Tag Intervals:

Electrical tests that are required to be completed on equipment being under AS/NZS 3760:2010

  • Insulation resistance testing
  • Polarity testing
  • Earth resistance testing
  • Leakage current testing
  • And off course a visual inspection
Testing and Tagging

Electrical Testing and Tagging Interval Periods

Different industries have different test and tag interval periods. You could however also implement your own test and tag interval periods as long as they are not at lesser interval time schedules as the prescribed ones under the AS/NZS 3760:2010 as a minimum standard.

Testing and Tagging Restaurant Equipment

Here are some of the industries / categories:

A) Intervals for the manufacturing industry:

Test and Tag – double insulated items:

  • 12 Monthly
  • These items needs to be protected by a fixed safety switch.

Test and Tag- Single insulated items:

  • 6 Monthly
  • These items to be protected by a fixed safety switch

Portable RCD test:

  • Daily or before each use- Push button test
  • 12 monthly, trip time test
  • These units are not to be used as primary safety switches in manufacturing work environment.

B) Intervals for construction equipment:

  • Test and Tag
  • 3 monthly by competent person

Fixed RCD (safety switches)

  • Monthly pushbutton test
  • 12 monthly trip time tested.

Portable RCD (safety switches)

  • Daily or before each use
  • 3 monthly trip time tested.

C) Industries for commercial and office environments:

2 yearly on all circuits protected by safety switches


Fixed RCD (safety switches)

  • 6 monthly pushbutton tested
  • 2 yearly trip time tested

Portable RCD (safety switches)

  • 3 monthly test button tested or test before each use.
  • 2 yearly trip time tested.
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